9 Places that are considered the gates of hell

Would you dare to enter or at least get close to these places?

1-The castle of Houska.

It is said that there was a crack there that seemed to have no end, and where strange appearances were reported. There were rumors that creatures half man and half animal left to kill cattle and generated terror among the population.

2-Mount Osore.

Known in Japan as the mountain of fear, it was said to be the entrance to the hell of lost souls.

3-Lake of the Avernus in Italy.

It means "Without birds", it is said to be one of the entrances to the underworld.

4-Hekla volcano.

It is located in Iceland, and according to myths of the place, it is the place where the witches meet satan.

5-Purgatory of Saint Patrick.

It is located in Ireland, the legend says that Christ appeared to him and led him to a cave here, where there was a moat that was the door of Purgatory. While there, St. Patrick had visions of the torments of hell.

6-Lacus Curtius.

It is located in Italy, the land was opened in the center of the Forum forming a huge chasm that nothing and nobody could cover, before this situation the people consulted an oracle, declaring that the citizens should throw what they had more value, and the Young M. Curtius was launched for the common good and only thus the space was closed.

7-Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua.

The Spaniards believed that it was the mouth of hell because the natives consulted a witch there.

8-Fengdu, China

It began being a lugra for the rest of the deceased, but myths have given it the name of "King of Hell".

9-Plutonium in Hierápolios.

In this place there is a crack that is considered the entrance to hell.

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