The WORST reasons to want to CASARTE.

There are those who believe that marriage is a lifesaver that fixes problems between the couple, however, sometimes marriage can make things worse.

Know the reasons why you should never marry.

Unwanted pregnancy.

This is not necessary, if you do it only affects your life and that of your baby. If you want to be an active part of your baby's life, do it, but marriage does not solve anything.

Financial interest.

Getting married just because the other person has money, will not give you happiness. If the basis of your relationship is money, your sentimental life will be colder than an ice.

Attractive physicist

Never think about marrying just because your partner is beautiful or handsome. Remember that the physical aspect disappears in a few years, and if there is no love, the relationship will end.

Fed up of being single.

It is better to be single than to share life with someone you do not love. Despair will not lead you to anything good.

Because it is what follows.

There are those who have a dating relationship for many years, and then they think they should get married. If you're not sure, do not do it, a paper signed by both will not give you happiness.

You owe it.

He has behaved super good with you, he has been in the worst moments and you can not get away, then you feel that you owe him a marriage, of course not! This is a serious mistake, I can assure you that everything will end badly.

That will fix your couple situations.

If the relationship is broken, a marriage will end up collapsing.

Family pressure

Do not let people decide for you, it's your life and only you can decide when and with whom to get married.

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