10 things that inevitably change when we are IN LOVE.

Love can make us dumb enough, it makes us do unimaginable things, but do not worry, this happens to everyone.

1. Vocabulary

Our vocabulary becomes distorted, we begin to speak strangely, using words like, "Amorshito", "Cosha pechocha" etc.

2. Poetry.

We get the writer that we all have inside, suddenly our facebook states are pure poetry.


This is specifically noted in the nicknames, we begin to call it, "Baby", "Bunny", etc.

4. Details.

Love messages all the time, little notes, roses, stuffed animals and surprises visits.

5. Common interests.

You try to look for common interests, if she says "I love Lady Gaga" suddenly you realize that you love her too.

6. Exercise.

We start the diet and go to the gym.


Your Facebook immediately goes from single to "In a relationship."

8. Musical songs.

If you hated Katy Perry before, and she likes it, you're surprisingly listening to her.

9. Off the map.

Your friends do not find you, you have disappeared because you are with your partner.

10. We are engaged.

We spend as much time as possible together and we want everyone to realize our love.

Has it happened to you?

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