SERIOUS mistakes that girls make when they want to look attractive.

Ok girls, today I will reveal the things that a man will never tell you, but they hate a girl. Please break with this chain and do not do it again, because in addition, the only ones affected are you. Attentive!

1- Speaking as a baby.

It does not make them tender, or sexy, or innocent. They look silly, it's very irritating, do not do it out of pity.

2- Hair extensions.

It is horrible that they try to deceive us, their hair looks beautiful just as it is. When I see a girl like that, I can only think of reconstructed dolls.

3- Chronic diets.

Believe it or not, we like women with curves and their weight. Do not kill yourself with diets, we do not want a skeletal girlfriend, on the contrary, we like them to dare to eat some taquitos from time to time with us.

4- Bronzed by spray.

It's sticky, it smells funny and they also look like carrots.

5- Wanting to act as it is not your true personality.

For some mysterious reason, many women believe that acting like silly girls makes them more sensual. Evitalo, few things more exhausting than interacting with one of them.

6- Teach more.

It is true that we appreciate coquettish clothes, but exaggerating makes us think bad about you, be they natural.

A woman sure of herself, will always be the best attraction for a man. Remember it!

Video: 7 Serious Mistakes Made By Women When They Want To Be Attractive (February 2020).