Nonsensical things we do when we try to study

The exams are a nightmare, and we always do the same absurd and meaningless things when we are trying to study, however, the result is always a disaster. All students do these things before each test.

1. Use the lap, tablet or cell phone every 5 minutes.

It seems that it is impossible to concentrate on the notebook or book, these devices of the devil control our mind.

2. Making useless calculations.

"I have to read 300 pages, if I read one per minute then I will finish in half an hour, but if I first prepare a coffee then ..." And that's how your hours go by.

3. Sort the site where you will study.

I do not mean to make space, it is so much our refusal to study, that we place everything millimeter-wise, either by size, color, date on which we buy it, etc. The joke is to make time.

4. Underline as if the down was possessed.

They tell us to underline the most important thing, but 300 pages later, the leaves are already yellow.

5. Visit the refrigerator.

Eating will make us sleepy, we know it, but still we continue the torture.

6. Try to investigate how your friends are going.

You send messages, whatsapps, messages on Facebook, Twitter etc. We need to know if they have already started studying, instead of you doing it.

7. You believe in osmosis.

"A physical phenomenon related to the movement of a solvent, through a semipermeable membrane. Such behavior supposes a simple diffusion through the membrane, without energy expenditure ".

8. Compete for who is worse.

It seems that you compete with your friends saying; "I'll die tomorrow, I do not know anything," and the other, "I will not die first, I do not even have notes."

9. You think about the time you lost.

You think about everything you did before and you get depressed, because the night has come, and even then you have not started to study.

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