Things without DIGNITY that you do when you are FEAR.

It seems that we are not made to respond coherently to fear. When we are in a situation that exposes us to fear, our brain loses all dignity, and makes us react stupidly.

Here we have some examples that will make you die laughing.

At night you get a leg from the comfort of your blankets, and what is your reaction? Put it at full speed, because you think something under the bed will jump to pull it.

You find yourself sleeping peacefully, when suddenly, your mind tortures you with the idea that someone could be under your bed. You value weapons and decide to appear. And this, for what ?, If there was a murderer or a monster, it will not run away when you see that you look out from under the bed.

You end up watching a scary movie, and when you go to bed you notice that your closet is a bit open. Immediately you think there is someone hiding there. If even your clothes do not fit there, how do you think a person will do it?

The irrational fear of every human being, is that when you stop looking at yourself in the mirror, your image stays there wanting to kill you. If this idea crosses your mind, you will spend several days without looking at yourself in the mirror. WTF?

This is a typical reaction of every woman, when you go behind the wheel and start to accelerate, the woman next door, your mom or your boyfriend, they take the handle and hug your bag, as if that would save them from the shock. Do they carry an airbag in their bag?

You lose control of the bicycle, the first thing you do is remove the feet from the pedals, and the hands from the handlebars. Why do that? Do you think you'll fly out like E.T.?

The doctor tells you to get weak when he's going to inject you, but you put your buttocks harder than a rock. You know it will hurt more, but you do not care.

You think an assailant is following you as you walk down the street. Your reaction is to change from the other side of the sidewalk, as if the guy who is supposed to rob you, said: "Damn, another one that changes my sidewalk!".

This is a unique reaction of women. The elevator makes a sudden or strange movement, they immediately grab the first man they see, even if they do not know him. As if we were not going to fall with the elevator, if it collapsed.

Video: Fear and Dignity: Hesna Al Ghaoui at TEDxDanubia 2013 (January 2020).