Things that we hate about us and men love

There are certain things that women try to hide from our partner, either through grief or fear that they do not like it. However, we could be preventing them from falling in love even more with us, because there are things that we detest, but they just love them.

Our fears

It is not that you love fearsome women, but that they love to feel heroes, but example as when you scream for a spider, and they come to kill her, or when you ask her to accompany you to the bathroom because it is very dark.

That we are not fix.

They really enjoy seeing us free, carefree and natural. They love that we look nice, but allow him to see us without fixing, he gives them to understand that we are comfortable with him, that there is a certain intimacy.

When we put on makeup

Believe it or not, they enjoy dressing you up. A study revealed that this causes them happiness and nostalgia, because they are emotions that they felt as children watching their mother do it.


If you are from another city and you are worried that your voice is heard funny, that you do not feel sorry, the boys love the accents.


We worry about the visible streaks and scars, we try to hide them by making them up, but they, like us, find the stories behind those marks of experience interesting.

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