26 Data that very few know about Disney MOVIES

1. Aladdin's face was inspired by the face of Tom Cruise.

2. Elton John had a great fight with Disney, since they were not sure of integrating "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" in the movie, because they considered it a bit "sexual". After all, they listened to Elton and left her.

3. The song "The Little Mermaid Part of Your World" is almost removed from the final version of The little Mermaid. They did not think it was good enough for her to come out in the movie, but when doing tests asking different children, they said that it had been the song they liked the most, so they left it.

4. The face of Ariel, was inspired by the most beautiful and sought-after actress of that time, Alyssa Milano.

5. The last film supervised by Walt Disney, was The Book of the Jungle, and it was up to 10 months after it was released.

6. John Lennon rejected Walt Disney's invitation to make the voice of the crows in El Book of the Jungle.

7. The movieSleeping Beauty, is 30 years older than The little Mermaid. Sleeping Beauty was released by Disney in 1959 and The little Mermaid in 1989.

8. Many people think that Campanita was inspired by the face of Marilyn Monroe, but it was not like that, it was inspired by Margaret Kerry.

9. Beyoncé refused to do casting for the voice of Princess Tiana, she was very confident that they would end up giving it, but what a big surprise it was when they told her that for not having auditioned, she had run out of paper . Finally whoever got it, was the actress who comes out Dreamgirls Anika Noni Rose.

10. Alicia Keys auditioned 3 times for the role of Princess Tiana, but never finished convincing the directors of the casting.

11. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, It was the first movie to release a Soundtrack with all the songs.

12. Princess Aurora, is the princess who has the least dialogues of all princess movies. He only has 18 lines to say.

13. For the movie The strange world of Jack,It was produced by Walt Disney Pictures in 1993, it took a lot of patience, since filming just 1 minute of the film required 1 week of hard work.

14. Pumbaa is the first character to gasp.

15. Idicina Menzel, who makes the voice of Elsa in Frozen, originally auditioned to be Rapunzel in Tangled, however, he did not keep that role. But a real miracle happened to her, since Frozen's producers found the audio of her audition much later, when they told her that she had kept the role of this new princess.

16. Co-director Jennifer Lee, is the first woman to produce a Disney movie.

17. The penis that can be seen on the cover of The little Mermaid It was an error of the artist who drew the cover. He states that time was on him and that the castle did it very quickly so as not to be run by his boss. He never realized until years later.

18. The actress Eleanor Audley, made the original voice of the villains Lady Tremaine in Cinderella Y Maleficent, as well as her expressions and faces and gestures were based on what she was doing.

19. The people who make the voice of Minnie and Mickey Mouse, are married in real life.

20. Walt Disney was given an honorary Oscar for the movie Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, This consisted of an original size statuette and 7 smaller ones.

21. Walt Disney decided to make the moviePeter Pan, since he as a child acted as Peter Pan in a work of his school.

22. A biologist denounced Disney for the terrible defamation, which according to him, they did to the Hyenas in El Rey Leon. Obviously, the lawsuit did not proceed.

23. Beauty and the Beast, It was the first animated film to be nominated for best film at an Oscars award.

24. In the scene where Simba lies down and the clouds of dust come out, it looks like it says the word SEX Sex. When questioned by different reporters, Disney said that this is a confusion, what SFX means. Name of the studios that helped them make the animation of the film.

25. Chicken Little, was a true failure at Disney, it was not achieved or get the investment in the film.

26. Rapunzel and Flynn, make an appearance during the coronation of Elsa in Frozen.

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