Incredible tricks to look PERFECT when you have a terrible COLD.

Colds are the worst thing that can happen to us when we are at school, on a date, or at work, because they eliminate all traces of glamor and beauty in us. When we have a cold, we see ourselves as walking corpses, and we feel horrible, but there are several tricks that will make you cross the disease with more dignity.

Use the most resistant eyelash mask you can find.

The eyes cry all the time and that will ruin your makeup, you will not want to look like that.

Your best ally will be a moisturizing lip balm.

Colds dehydrate us, and the first victims are our lips, so this one will help you not to break.

Use a green concealer on your nose.

This will hide the red color that causes the excess cleansing, apply it, and then make it normal.

The blush will return the color.

Do not abuse or you will look like a clown! Apply it well, and you will no longer appear fresh from the morgue.

Red eyes.

Even if you want to give a vampire look, it is better that you use red eye drops, it is not that you look like a zombie.

Wet handkerchiefs

Clean your nose with wet tissues so you will not get dehydrated, turn red and the skin will fall out.

Drink as much water as you can.

Having a cold will dehydrate you as if you will walk all day in the desert, so do not stop taking it, this will help you recover and to see you better.

Stay at home.

The first days are the most difficult, better rest and this will make your body get rid of the disease faster.

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