Things you have to take into account before and after TATUARTE.

Tattooing is not as simple as it seems, there are things you should anticipate before doing it, and things to do after having it. So if you have the idea of ​​tattooing, it is better to take these 10 tips into account, otherwise something could go really wrong.


Check that the place where you are going to do it has the rules of health in order, that it is clean, and has everything you need.


The ink must be certified, remember that a part enters the bloodstream and may contain lead.


The tools must be professional, not armed by the tattooer as in the jail, he must wear sterile gloves, and the equipment to sterilize.


The tattooists have books from their previous works, check it to know their technique, if you do not have it or deny it, do not trust it.


Plan your tattoo, preferably not too big and full of ink, the skin needs to breathe and that will stop it.


Even if you are nervous, do not drink alcohol, this will affect the result, and may affect clotting.


If you have diseases such as Diabetes, Epilepsy, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Seropositive, fungi, herpes, etc. you have to warn the tattooist in advance.


Do not take caffeine or aspirin, days before getting your tattoo, because they weaken the blood system and slow down the healing process of the body.


Follow the directions to the letter of the tattoo artist, do not scratch or lift the bandage until he tells you.


If you have a fever, excessive pain or suppurations, go to the doctor, it is an infection and you must take care of it.

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