5 Incredible cases that prove that REINCARNATION exists

Reincarnation has been a subject debated for hundreds of years, many people believe in it and others throw it away completely. But there are cases around the world of children who claim to have had another life, the accuracy of their stories cause chills, here the 5 most extraordinary cases in history.

Gus Ortega, Colorado, United States.

Gus Ortega claims to have existed in another life as his own grandfather. He started talking about it when he was just 18 months old. It is one of the most compelling cases of reincarnation that is being investigated by Jim Tucker, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia. The boy claims to be his grandfather Augie, who died in 1993 due to a stroke. With a year and a half, Gus went to his father while changing the diaper saying: "When I was your age, I had to change your diaper."

One day, his father took old photos to the house and showed them to Gus. What happened next was something truly extraordinary: his son pointed to one of the people portrayed in the photographs and said: "Oh ... that's me!" How could I know? Gus remembered episodes of his grandfather's life that his father barely kept in his memory.

Ian Hagedorn, Florida, United States.

Ian Hagedorn, a 6-year-old resident of Pensacola, the son of Maria Hagedorn, claims to have been a New York City policeman who was shot dead. His memories indicate that one night he entered a store where criminals shot him dead. This policeman was supposedly the father of his mother. However something even stranger happened with him.

Ian suffers from a strange heart disease in such a way that when he tries harder he suffers a faint. Before the age of 4, he had already undergone 6 surgeries, because his pulmonary artery had defects, causing his heart to not develop on the left side.

María reports that her father was in police service, and when she entered a Radio Shack she suspected something was wrong. Two men pulled out a machine gun and pointed it at the manager. The reaction of the father of Maria was to indicate to them: "Drop the arms, it is the police" and someone shot him as soon as I just said it. At autopsy, the cause of death was a ruptured pulmonary artery caused by the shot, the same artery that makes Ian suffer today.


Dilukshi Nissanka, Sri Lanka.

Dilukshi spoke of a past life for 3 years, where he insisted and repeated the same story without stopping. He surprised his parents when he revealed that he was not his daughter, that he had parents somewhere else and that he died in a place near Dambulla, a place 6 hours away, where there was a river that he fell from a bridge while crossing.

For the Nissanka family, this was very painful, because whenever he talked about this, it was clear that Nissanka did not feel part of the family.

"He started talking about his other life at the Montessori school, that his temple was somewhere else. When we ate or went to sleep, she talked about her other life. I felt really bad, she was just talking about her other family. " A journalist heard the story and his case was published in the newspaper. Soon, the family received a letter from a man named Ranatunga, who recognized the story of Diluskshi as that of his dead daughter.

The Nissanka made a 6 hour trip to Dambulla to meet this family. On the way, Diluskshi recognized the place and guided the motorist to the house where his old family lived. It was a truly exciting encounter and Diluskshi seemed much more comfortable with this family.

Shiromi, Ranatunga's daughter, was 6 years old when she drowned when she fell from a bridge. Of the 20 statements offered by Diluskshi, 12 fit perfectly and were quite specific.

Cameron Macaulay, Scotland.

Cameron Macaulay really enjoyed making drawings. One of his favorites was that of a house with one floor, with a white facade and located in a bay. When his mother asked him what the house was, the boy replied that it was his house, that he lived there with his old mother, in a region located in Barra, an island of Scotland, at a distance of approximately 260 km from his current residence. Initially, the family treated these stories as part of the child's imagination of the child.

However, the moment came when little Cameron began to show signs of sadness and suffering, claiming to be separated from his family in Barra. It did not take long for a team of investigators, including Jim B. Tucker, to find the child and invite him to go to Barra to get to know his old home. When they located the white house in the bay, they immediately went to the place, but without saying anything to Cameron. When he arrived at the house, Cameron recognized her instantly. But something changed in his expression.

Cameron looked sad as he walked around the house, as if he felt the lack of something. Perhaps he hoped that, upon entering the house, his mother would be there to receive him, exactly as he remembered her. He seemed to know all the details, and he did not hesitate to point out the three bathrooms he had mentioned to his teacher. For Cameron's family, the trip to Barra meant a real relief. No one else again distrusted that Cameron was inventing things, and the boy became calmer, he did not feel the sadness that he so abhorred.

James Leininger - United States

James Leininger was a child who liked to play with only one thing: planes and only airplanes. When he turned two, everything changed. The boy began to have horrible nightmares related to war aviation. His mother used to wake him up while shouting things like: "plane on fire; Man can not get out. " The nightmares did not stop and his parents went to the therapist Carol Bowman, dedicated to the study of reincarnation, who worked on the case and managed to bring to the memory of the child various memories.

He explained that he was a fighter pilot and that his plane, a Corsair that always used to have deflated tires, had been hit in the right engine by the Japanese in Iwo Jima. James also came to tell his father that he had taken off from a ship called Natoma, and that he had flown sometimes with someone named Jack Larson. After an investigation, Bruce, the father of James, discovered that the Natoma and Jack Larson actually existed. Natoma Bay was a small aircraft carrier in the Pacific, and Larson lived in Arkansas.

His father became obsessed and discovered that the only pilot of the squadron killed in Iwo Jima was called James M. Huston Jr. and he was 21 years old, he died on March 3, 1945. Then he began to believe that his son was the reincarnation of Huston and that he had returned because he had something to finish. The couple Leininger decided to write a letter for Huston's sister, named Anne Barron, telling him the story of the boy. And she confirmed that everything the child said was real.

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