Did your dust break? We tell you how to repair it!

I believe that there is not a single woman who has not suffered when her dust broke into pieces. After that it is very difficult to use it, and most choose to throw it away, but, STOP !, it can be repaired.

Here we tell you how.

You will need to:
-Plastic to wrap
-Makeup brush

Wrap your dust in plastic and check that all the contents are inside. Then, with the spatula, make pieces of it, that everything turns into a fine powder, even the parts that were not broken.

Remove the plastic and pour at least 10 drops of alcohol or perfume, any of those two things you have on hand. You may realize that the dust has become a strange paste.

Match with the spatula.

Let the shadow dry for a couple of hours.

Ready, your dust will be as good as new.

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