Things you should not do when kissing.

Many tell us what we should do when kissing someone, but few tell us what we should not do to avoid breaking the moment.

1. Take care of the lips

Admit it, even for yourself it is uncomfortable to have dry lips, so it will be worse for the person trying to kiss you. Do not let them crack. Take care of them because you never know when you will use them.

2.Lengua loose.

Do not let her go around like she's going to explore your partner's mouth. The tongue should be used gently and increase its mobility according to the intensity of the kiss; but the best thing is that this organ does not move so slowly or so quickly.

3. The bites.

Ouch! That is the expression you will receive after biting someone when they are supposed to just kiss each other. You can take a very soft bite, that's very sensual, but do not squeeze.

4. The teeth.

Crash! They are usually accidents, try that the teeth of both do not collide because it is uncomfortable and could even hurt.

5. Kisses on the cheek.

Not only is there a mouth to kiss, the whole body can receive them, so do not limit yourself. Combine kisses in the mouth, with ones on the cheek or neck.

You can improvise, just try to get none injured or too drooling, make everything as sensual as possible.

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