Did you break a nail? Not the courts, here we will tell you how to repair it!

There is nothing more hateful than the moment when a nail is broken, and as we believe it has no solution, we end up cutting all our nails to prevent them from looking uneven.

But no more, here we give you the solution.

You will need the following materials:

-Peer strong.

-Nail hardener.

-Papel for nails. (Ask at a beauty shop).

-Nail file.

Let's do it!


Put a small drop of strong glue on the broken nail, and on top of this, a piece of nail paper.


Squeeze the paper tightly until it is as smooth as possible. You must do it before the glue dries.


Let dry completely.


File your nails on the pieces of paper, they should be well polished.


Ready! Now you can paint your nails of the color that you like the most.

Video: Tea Bag Nail Repair by The Crafty Ninja (February 2020).