8 ways to look thinner

What girl would not like to look thinner? The truth is that all the time we are seeing the way to hide our longitas.

Here we leave you 8 tips that will help you to achieve it.


We have to stand upright, take out the back, raise the chest and contract the abdomen. This will make us look thinner, improve our appearance and give us security.

Balanced clothes

Identify what clothes your body has left, if you are very thin use horizontal stripes, and if you are chubby use vertical stripes.


In addition to making you look fabulous, they divert attention from areas you do not want to highlight.

High heel shoes.

The heels stylize your legs and lift your butt. They give the appearance that you are taller and your body will have a better proportion.


Use belts to highlight your waist, but do not squeeze too much.

Appropriate size

Do not wear too loose clothing, use your size or you'll see wider than you really are.


Do not use this color just because they say that it conceals the extra pounds, you can use the color you want.


Smiling denotes confidence and confidence with yourself, show the world that you love yourself.

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