Learn to disguise the CELLULITE. Incredible Tips!

Cellulite is an evil that only women suffer because it is completely linked to our hormones. One out of every two women has cellulite, so there's a good chance that you'll develop it. You better learn how to disguise it.

1.- Hair spray.

Spray in the place where you have the odious cellulite, with this you will achieve firmness to the skin.


2.- Vaseline.

It helps keep your legs hydrated and will also give them shine. It also serves as a camouflage for orange peel skin.


3.- Makeup.

Use the makeup concealer on scars, cellulite or even bruises. The secret is to know how to blur it well.


4.- Bronceadores.

The whiter the skin is, the more likely it is that the skin is orange. The ideal is to use some cream or bronzing spray, so that the holes that are formed by the orange peel match.

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