Errors that we make when we DEPILATE. Watch out!

Hair removal will be present in the lives of women forever, so it is better not to make mistakes that could cause us very annoying problems.

1.- Very long hair.

Letting them grow too large, and then removing them, is one of the most common mistakes. Doing that, you will only achieve that when you shave they break in half. The most recommended is to let the hairs grow from 4 to 6 weeks.

2.- Wake up one day before an important event.

This is the worst thing you can do, since the skin is irritated and sensitive, so your appearance will not be the best. Do it at least 4 days before.

3.- Use creams before shaving.

It is logical that the skin will be greasy, so the wax will not be able to adhere correctly. Make sure your skin is dry before shaving.

4.- Use a worn rake.

When you try to shave with a spent rake, you cause too much irritation on your skin, plus you can not even shave well. It is necessary that you change rake at least every 2 weeks.

5.- Do not use cream or soap.

It is not advisable to pass the rake without having applied cream or soap in the area you want to remove. If you use cream, the rake will slide more easily and you will avoid cutting yourself.

6.- Shave without much light.

If you shave in a place where there is not much light, you will leave the area much more populated than you think. Good lighting is important to ensure that the area has been free of hair.

Video: waxing my vagina gone TERRIBLY wrong (February 2020).