Puppy with TERMINAL disease fulfills his WISH list before DYING, impossible not to cry

When Riina Cooke found out that Romeo, a 9-year-old boxer, had terminal bone cancer, was completely devastated. He was always the most loving and perfect dog anyone could have. Not only was the pet, but a true member of the family. It was for this reason that Riina made her a list of wishes that she had to fulfill before going to the sky of the puppies.

Here your wish list:

A surprise party for his birthday.

Visit United States

That mom did pedicure.

Take your first beer with dad in a Bar.

Celebrate Valentine's Day.

Sometimes life is not fair, but Romeo enjoyed what little dogs have been able to do.

A plate of sushi for him alone. I really loved him!

Take a ride in a patrol.

Take a picture with your heroes, the firemen!

Eat a Mc Donald's burger with your parents.

Receive a full massage from mom.

Have a blind date with a pretty little dog.

Have breakfast with dad in bed.

You will always be remembered with a lot of love Romeo.

These were just some of the wishes, among others were to meet a celebrity, help a shelter for animals, watch a sunset and breakfast in bed.

Now a new baby came to the home of this beautiful couple. Of course, the idea will never be to replace Romeo, but to share the same love he received.

Video: Dying dog gets chance to complete bucket list (February 2020).