24 photos that every dad should do with his BABY.

With the large amount of technology at our disposal, it is very easy to save moments forever. If you are or are about to become a father or mother, you should have these photos of your baby.

Leaving the hospital with your baby.

With a funny romper.

Your little feet :3

Deeply asleep, as if he were an angel. ¬¬

Taking your finger as if you were a giant.

Showing his teeth in hipster style.

With a beautiful hat.


With the hair that never fits.

From his little ear.

With the happiest grandparents in the world.

On the back wearing only diaper.

Smiling while sleeping.


With your daddy :3

With your brothers or cousins.

Biting things because the teeth are coming.

The first time eating alone.


With your mom.



Taking your first steps

Imitating a picture of your childhood.

Video: The Try Guys Re-Create Photos Of Their Dads Fatherhood: Part 1 (February 2020).