The oxygenated water and its thousand uses You will not believe it!

Do you think oxygenated water is just to heal wounds? If your answer is yes, let me tell you that you are completely wrong. Today you will know the wonderful uses of hydrogen peroxide. You'll be surprised.

Teeth and gums

Pour oxygenated water into the lid of your container, place it in your mouth and do the same movements you do with your mouth. This will deflate your gums and whiten your teeth.

Germ-free toothbrushes.

Put a little bit of hydrogen peroxide in a glass and place your toothbrush in there, to prevent bacteria from forming in them.


Pour some hydrogen peroxide into the cloth you use to clean. Everything you clean will be disinfected.

Cutting board.

Once you have washed the board where you picas food, pour a little oxygenated water into it, kill the salmonella and eliminate odors.

Foot fungus.

Fill a glass with half of simple water, and the other half with hydrogen peroxide, pour it on your feet, especially between your fingers. Wait for them to dry themselves.

Wash bathrooms.

Use it as a disinfectant to wash the toilet, it will not damage the porcelain and will eliminate germs.


If your toothache is killing you, and you have not been able to go to the dentist, you have swished with oxygenated water. It will clomid the pain while you go to the specialist.

Do you want to be blonde?

Apply it to the hair after washing it, it will slowly discolor it and it will not be exaggerated.

Eliminate furuncles.

When you're taking a bath, pour half a bottle of peroxide into the water, so you'll eliminate fungus and boils on the skin.


If you want to eliminate a blood stain on your clothes, add a cap of hydrogen peroxide to the washing machine and another on the stain. Use it as a substitute for chlorine.

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