Things you have to LIVE before CASARTE. Dare yourself, do not repress yourself, it's never too late!

Marriage must be a commitment for all life, but to be that way, it is necessary to live certain experiences that make us mature.

If you are thinking of getting married, STOP! Check if you already did all this.


Learn to love us as we are, because if you do not love yourself, you will hardly love someone fully.


Celebrate one of your birthdays with a big party. Friends, music, drinks, location, theme, clothes, in short, throw the house out the window.


Say goodbye completely to the ghosts of past relationships. Learn to close cycles!


Enjoy sleeping alone in a huge bed, because you will not go back to sleep alone for long.


Live alone for at least one year. There is no better way to meet you, than to spend time taking charge of you, your home and all that this implies.


Find a hobby that fills your spirit and heart. Not only will it entertain and relax you, it will also help you cultivate a skill that could serve you in the future.


Establish a strong bond with your circle of friends. They are an important part of life, and when you form a solid relationship with a group of people, you will know that you will never be alone.


Experience a love of vacation. Live beautiful moments with him, and remember him as the great guy you met on your vacation.


Make a trip only with friends. One of the experiences that every girl should experience. It does not have to be a long and expensive trip, the important thing is that they form a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Life is full of experiences, live them before committing yourself to the person to whom you will conquer your heart without reservations.