24 MAGICAL tips that will help you to be a FATHER

Temporary tattoos in case your children get lost.

Great for dads gamers, they can give their kids a disconnected control, and they'll think they're playing.

Turn a plastic bottle into an extension for the tap, so you can reach it.

Fill a glove with rice or beans, and when you fall asleep, you will not know you're gone.

A DVD box and a few colors, can become an ideal game for long trips.

I suck the pacifier, so you can give medicine with a dropper without dramas.

You can freeze the pacifier in a little juice, this will calm the pain of the gums.

Feel your child in a ball, and you will notice a great improvement in his concentration.

Get a portable chair, you will never regret it.

You can teach him how to hold the pencil with a ball of paper.

A hook behind your chair will be the perfect place for bibs.

Make a formula against monsters, so it will be easier for them to learn to master their fears.

Never rub it on your chest, since you can irritate your eyes, better rub it on the soles of your feet, and cover it with socks, it is much more effective.

A brooch will hold your daughter's long braces.

Make your children help in the housework, you must turn the homework into games.

Draw the outline of the feet of your little ones, so you will not have to take them to buy shoes.

Hammocks are safer under a table, so if you fall, nothing will happen.

Put sparks of colors to everything.

Invest in a shower cap, so water will not fall on your face and you will not cry when you feel you drown.

Give them your old phone to play, never give them the new one.

Bathe them in the clothes basket, this will keep them from slipping and their toys going too far.

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