Gifts that you should not do in Valentine's Day.

Saint Valentin approaches, and the first thing we ask ourselves is; What will I give to my partner ?. We will give you some tips with things that you should not give away. If your idea does not appear on this list, go ahead!

Self improvement books.

A book is a good idea, as long as you know which book the other person wants. Never give away a book blindly, and less one of self-improvement, you will send a wrong message.

Home appliances.

If you are married, do not buy anything for the house, buy something for her.


Never arrive with a bottle of alcohol, it is very impersonal, unless it is your boss and it is a very good bottle.

Dine in a fast food.

It is better that you make a dinner at home, to take it to a fast food.


Never replace the roses with a cactus, although you think it is original and it will look great in your bedroom.


If you do not know their size, and do not have a long relationship, forget it!


Bad gift, because you never hit the favorite aroma.


A card is a complement to a gift, not a gift in itself.


They are so trite, be more creative.

Bears or any other stuffed animal.

Although we do not accept it, women and men hate pelcuhes, we do not know where to put them, they are corny and accumulable.


Surely they were given at Christmas, so forget it.

Something to lose weight.

You will think that it is a hint.