Incredible cosmetic uses that you can give to TALCO

We think of talc, and automatically associate it with babies. The reality is that talc is not used exclusively for those cases, that means we are wasting their potential.

Today you will discover some incredible cosmetic uses that we can give you.

Dry shampoo.

If you do not have time to wash your hair, and it looks caked, sprinkle some talcum on it and brush gently. The fat will disappear and give the appearance of fresh washing.

Removes oil stains on clothes.

Did you stain your clothes with oil? Run for the talc! Spray a little on the stain, wait a few minutes and shake strongly. You will see that when you wash it, the stain will disappear completely.

Goodbye sand.

When we go to the beach, it is super annoying to have sand on the body, and removing it is almost impossible. Carry a bottle of talcum powder in your purse, sprinkle on the parts with sand, and shake. You will be as good as new!

Longer eyelashes

Put some talcum powder in a brush for eyelashes, comb them and then make them up normally, they will be longer and with greater volume.

Repels ants

Spray it at the entrance of the door, or where the ants go. The smell will drive them away and little by little they will go away.

Sweat control

Did you stay without deodorant? Do not panic, put talcum powder in your armpits, this will absorb sweat and eliminate bad smells.

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