How to lose weight in just 20 days.

Women always want miracles to lose weight, and there are a thousand diets that promise, but let's be honest with ourselves, that fat will not go away if we do not work on it. We have to stop eating crap and exercise.

If you really want to lose weight, follow these tips.

Do not drink soda

Understand girls, even the light contain large amounts of sugar and gas, do not be fooled, take natural water, or you will be sugar free, otherwise it will be impossible.

Goodbye to junk food.

Leave the flour, ie, cakes, cookies, bread, flour tortillas, in addition to everything that is fried and breaded. Yes you can live without these foods.

Small dishes.

So you will consume only what is necessary without eating too much, remember that you have to eat to live, and not live to eat.


It is mandatory, you do not need a gym, but you do want to run at least 15 minutes a day. Diet is not everything.

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