AVOID the painful DISCOMFORT at the moment of DEPILARTE!

Unbearable itching

When you depopulate, you are removing dead skin cells, so if you scratch, you will cause more itching and make your skin irritate. If you want to reduce this symptom considerably, soak the affected area with cold water, you can also use ice. At the beginning it will not be a good experience, but you will notice that quickly the discomfort will decrease. After that, apply a moisturizer.


It is common that after using wax to pluck, your skin is very sensitive and reddish. Fortunately for this there is a quick and effective solution. Take a clean cloth and moisten it with warm milk, apply it over the reddish area and let the milk act for 6 minutes as a natural anti-inflammatory. Once you notice results, forget about tight clothes and let your skin rest for 24 hours.


Some women appear after shaving, especially those who do with an old rake. The solution is to gently apply a cream with hydrocortisone on the affected area to soothe the inflammation, and moisturize at the same time. Avoid wearing tight clothing, as this could worsen the condition of your skin. The next time you shave, be sure to keep it moisturized to protect it from any irritation.

Hair buried.

There are hairs that are trapped under your skin. Fat and bacteria can get into your pores, causing that buried hair to become a painful problem. Do not try to squeeze the point of the buried hair, because not only you will hurt yourself, but also the wound could be infected. Instead, bathe with hot water, wait 10 minutes for the steam to come out, and then apply compresses of hot water to soften the skin and make the follicle come out on its own. If this happens to you often, exfoliate your skin once a week to avoid the accumulation of dead skin.

Wax burn

We must always be very careful with the temperature of the wax to avoid burns, but if you get to burn, you should know that cold water is your best friend in this situation. Moisten a clean cloth in cold water and apply it for 15 minutes to relieve pain, then apply aloe vera cream to relieve inflammation and heal the wound. If the burn is not superficial, you will have to see a dermatologist as soon as possible.

Rake cuts.

Once you notice exactly where the wound is, go for a little cotton and press it on the wound for 5 minutes. Although it will burn, put on alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Avoid shaving in that minimum area for a week or until the wound heals.

Depilation that failed with a piece.

If you notice that there is a small piece of hair that you need to shave, do what you do, do not use your tweezers to pluck, if you do you will have a painful experience and you can even generate a scar or an infection. Better use the wax again, or a rake with edge.

Bad rake.

Do not use old, rusted, borrowed or man-made rakes, and always apply an epilating cream beforehand. Use rakes of well-known brands, pirate rakes of 10 pesos will only irritate and damage your skin.

Follow these simple tips and you will have healthy skin.

Video: How To Epilate for Painless Hair Removal. Braun Epilators (February 2020).