8 Quick tricks to make your polish last longer

It is very common for you to paint your nails and after two days they are already peeling, splintering, etc. So that this does not happen to you and the decoration lasts much longer, follow these steps, they will solve the problem.

1. Pass acetone through your nails before painting them.

Even if you do not have polish on them, it is good that you pass a cotton ball with acetone to remove any dirt.

2. Apply a transparent base before the color.

Preferably it is a special base to strengthen your nails, so you will help the layer of color adhere better.

3. Apply the colored enamel in two thin layers.

It is preferable that you put two thin layers instead of a thick one. Wait for each layer to dry perfectly to apply the next one, so you will avoid bouncing.

4. Paint the tip of the nail.

Also paint the tip of your nail, this will prevent it from falling off (super useful).

5. Let the color dry.

Apply an enamel "Encapsulator" (so they sell it anywhere), it's a wonder, it will keep your decoration much longer.

6. Buy some gloves.

Make sure your bathroom is quick with warm water, use gloves to wash dishes or clean the house.

7. Invest a little more in good enamel.

Although they are more expensive, you will see the radical change in how long they last vs the cheap ones.

8. Use bags that close with a magnet.

If you bring a nice decoration on your nails, use a bag that does not have closures or these will run the risk of tearing, which will end up ruining them.

I hope one of them serves you!

Video: 8 Easy Tricks to Make Your Manicure Last! (February 2020).