8 things that happy couples do not do

Having a solid and beautiful relationship is not easy, because you need to be smart enough to get through problems without hurting or getting hurt. A relationship is about trust, communication, patience and love.

There are 8 things that happy couples never do, this could give us a clue to the path we must take to have a great relationship.

Discourage your partner.

People who love each other, support themselves to achieve their goals, do not slow down or get stuck between them.

Manipulate and condition.

It is not about making the other to our measure, we are different and those differences enrich the relationship, we must know how to yield.

Doubt the feelings of the other.

They both know that their love is strong, they have shown it to him and confidence reigns in them.

Stop trying.

No matter how long they have been together, they both strive to fall in love and to like each other, so as not to fall into monotony.

Do not face the problems.

Hide problems under the pillow, does not solve anything. As soon as you see that the minimum problem arises, face it and solve it.


Couples that are trusted do not invade the privacy of the other, also there are no reasons to do so.

Unearth the past.

The past, the past is. What is not your year, does not hurt.

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