Signs that you can not trust your boy more

Sometimes you have the feeling that he is not paying you with the same currency. If you need to know what are the signs that tell you not to trust him, you have to keep reading.

Remember that it is impossible to have a healthy relationship with someone like that.

Does not respect the limits.

If you tell him that you will not be able to see him, he appears, makes you practical jokes even if you tell him you do not like them, etc.

They tell their secrets.

Does not care about your privacy, that's disrespectful.

They explode.

They do not control their emotions and make you a pancho for everything.

They dodge you.

If you take out a topic that is uncomfortable for him, he avoids it. He is the classic guy who never gives the face.

They lie.

They are not sincere in anything, sometimes you feel that you do not even know them.

He is very trusting.

A man who tells you that he loves you from the first weeks, is not trustworthy. The bonds of true love take much longer, that does not happen overnight.

You are disrespected.

He talks to you with rudeness, or humiliates you in front of people.

Criticizes you

Criticize your image, your body, your weight, your style and it always makes you feel less.

They always want to take something out.

He sends you messages or speaks to you lovingly, but always after that he asks you for something.

It's never your fault.

He always makes you feel responsible for everything in the relationship, he thinks he's perfect.

Your friends hate it.

If your friends hate it, it's a clear signal.

He hates your friends.

He's always talking bad about them, and when he's in front of them he acts perfect.

It manipulates you

Even if you believe that you are in control, he is manipulating you. Watch out!

They do not look unless he wants to see you.

You are always looking for him, but he only sees you when he feels like it.

You feel uncomfortable

Deep inside you know you're not comfortable, so why are you still there?

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