10 Types of women that boys leave

If you want to have a beautiful and lasting relationship, you have to keep in mind that boys get away from women who have certain attitudes.

This article is also for the boys to know which women they should get away from.


He will never want to leave you alone, he will fight your abandonment and it will be very frustrating for you, because you will feel guilty when you are not.


They are those girls who are desperate to have a boyfriend. They would accept any boy regardless of whether they are humiliated or mistreated. You do not want a woman who does not value herself, do you?


Run away from her because her love will not be true, they're just thinking about getting something from you.


His protective instinct is out of tune and it's a sick thing. You do not want a mom, you want a woman who is your partner.


They are looking for a man to hate him, why? because they are bitter and just want to humiliate and criticize them.


They tend to be very nice and suddenly explode, harassing you because you think you are doing wrong things.


If you break a nail, you have to leave everything you're doing to take it to the classroom to have that broken nail repaired. This is how the princesses are, they seek to be the center of attention all the time.


Do not choose a girl who is only beautiful, or you can not have a good conversation ever. The relationship will become boring quickly.


There are two types of unfaithful women, the one who admits it and from the first date confesses all their adventures, or the "discreet" who never accepts to have been unfaithful. Get away from both!


In a good way and very subtly they will tell you all the time what to do and how to do it.

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