10 most common NIGHTMARES with their MEANING

1. Dreaming of a disease or health emergency.

This nightmare may reflect a fear of something unknown that suddenly has a negative impact on the dreamer's life. It could also reflect an underlying fear of the disease, or of contracting a serious illness. I could even express the fear of not being able to enjoy life or that there is something wrong ("sick" or "rotten") in one's life. A nightmare of a disease could also be a way of telling the dreamer that he or she really has an illness, although they do not consciously know it.

2. Dreaming of being attacked or injured.

This type of nightmare might reflect a fear of others, a fear of not fitting in, a literal fear of violence, or a fear of being, in a figurative sense, "attacked" or criticized by others. It is important to keep in mind the current situation and what is happening in the dreamer's life to find a specific meaning.

3. Dream problems with the car, car accident.

This nightmare may reflect the feeling of not being able to move forward in life or even that one's life is out of control. Our car is often a means not only to travel, but to "get to places" in life.

4. Dreaming of drowning.

This nightmare could mean that you feel overwhelmed or that you are putting too much effort on something without the success you expect. It could also simply represent a fear of water. It is important to pay attention to the whole scenario for the different meanings or nuances that may arise. For example, if the dreamer is drowning, it can mean one thing, but if the dreamer sinks along with other people or is drowned by someone, there could be totally different meanings.

5. Dream that I fall.

If there is no negative feeling attached to a dream where you are "falling" (more a dream than a nightmare), then the dream may be happening in what is called the "hypnagogic state." This is the state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep. Suddenly you may feel that you are falling, wake up suddenly and realize that you were falling asleep. Fall nightmares may reflect a fear of heights, fear of not being in control, a feeling of having nothing solid to cling to in life, or even the fear of death.

6. Dream that the teeth fall.

This nightmare usually means that you feel out of control, without power, or inadequate in a certain situation. It may also reflect social embarrassment, the fear of being unattractive, or the fear of being taken in as a fool. It would be important to consider what the dreamer was going through in life to get more specific meanings.

7. Dream of getting lost.

This nightmare can be worse for children than for adults, but both can have it. For adults, it may mean that the dreamer does not feel in control of life or does not know what to do or what direction to take. It can reveal a figurative feeling of "not being able to find the way." It could also potentially reflect a feeling of not paying attention or following instructions.

8. That your partner is unfaithful.

This nightmare is very common when you are insecure about your personality or when you yourself are or have become unfaithful on repeated occasions to your partner.

9. Dreaming to be naked in public.

This nightmare can mean that the dreamer feels vulnerable or exposed in some way, as if he or she did not have secrets, could not keep them or is not enough. It could also mean feeling small or conspiracy in something.

10. Dream of being persecuted.

Many people report nightmares in which they are being persecuted. This is often indicative of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, something that is being avoided, or of not achieving all the goals in life.

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