10 signs that the BODY does when someone COQUETEA

Body language is something that most people find difficult to understand, especially when we talk about flirting. Have you ever flirted with a boy and thought he was interested in you, but in the end you realized that it was not like that? Well, this time we will tell you 10 important bodily signals that will help you to distinguish if a boy is interested in you.

1. Visual contact.

Girls, if he is making too much eye contact with you, this is a sign that you are interested. This is when you can respond with flirting.

2. Smile.

A smile is always a good sign. No doubt it is one of the most obvious gestures that a guy is flirting with you. If a boy is smiling a lot, there are many chances that he finds you cute or attractive. Show your confidence and try to get close.

3. Suggestive glimpses.

Surely on some occasion it has happened to them that a boy poses his gaze on you, but only for small moments, as if trying to draw his attention very timidly. Try playing the same game to get their attention.

4. Proximity.

Have you noticed that the boy you like approaches you, or seeks you repeatedly? This is a sign you should consider to know if a boy is flirting with you.

5. Tilt the head.

The way in which the head is tilted is very important, so we can see how much interest it has in us. If you put your head a little closer, and do not look away, it is a sign that we have caught your attention.

6. Hide the look.

Although hiding the look is something that many girls do because of shyness, there are also guys who come to do it. If you have caught a boy who avoids your gaze, but you always surprise him by observing you, it is a further sign that he is trying to flirt with you.

7. Dilated pupils.

Believe it or not, the detail of the pupils can show their interest even when he does not want to show it. If your pupils dilate when looking at you, it is a sign that you are interested.

8. Imitation.

It's probably happened to you that you see the boy you like, standing with one hand on your hip, and then you do the same. He laughs and you do too. These spontaneous moments of imitation are indications of interest, because for us it is natural to reflect that something we like.

9. Keep your eyes in your hands.

When someone is in front of the person they like, and becomes nervous, restless or expectant. Observe it well, it can be a good sign.

10. Crash the feet.

If he is constantly slamming his feet against yours, it is a sign that he is seeking our attention.

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