10 Tips to copy in an exam without getting caught

1. False calculator. Level: Beginner

2. False calculator. Level: James Bond.

3. Orange juice.

With the same cardboard of your juice, make a lid that can be lowered and raised again. Remember to do something so that it can be reattached in case the teacher comes. The cut must be very thin so you do not notice that the packaging is cut.

4. Transparent ink.

They sell it in some stationeries or in office supply stores, you just have to ask for transparent ink pens. These pens are a good choice for you, since the only way to see what you wrote, is with a neon light that comes along with the pen. You can write many things on a sheet and it will still look white

5. The typical accordion.

The simplest but also one of the most risky. Take into account how smart the teacher is, if you do not pay attention to details, it can be perfect.

6. The sole of the foot.

Sit next to your know-it-all friend and demand that he glue a piece of paper with the answers on the bottom of his foot. You can also do it by sticking the paper on the back of your friend across the street.

7.- False hand.

If the exam is in the morning and it is cold, this is the best option. You could even put a glove on your sleeve making it look like it's your hand.

8.- Coca Cola. Advanced level.

9.- The pen slot.

10. The secret earphones.

Put your headphones under your sleeve and stick them to your hand.

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