The 10 most annoying things to have a weird name

Sometimes our parents try so hard to give us an original name, which ends up having an impossible pronunciation. Also because of our extravagant name we end up having these 10 problems. Hahaha

Enjoy it!

You will never find a keychain, a mug or any item with your name. Forget them! They are not for you


Starbucks will never know how to write it.


If you get to appear on television something like this poor guy will happen to you. "Man with a strange name was arrested."


Every time you meet someone you will be asked the same question: "What does it mean?"


Once you tell them your name and what it means, the question "And how do you pronounce it?"


After that question, he will continue: "Could you spell it for me?"


Your friends will give you nicknames because they can not pronounce your name.


You will spend the whole school year correcting teachers when they say your name wrong.


The autocorrector writes strange words instead of your name.


No matter how much effort you make in pronouncing your name 20 thousand times to someone, they will never say it right.

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