10 Things that all women spend in our period. Odious!

It arrives at the most inopportune moment and when you least expected it.

And if that were not enough, a horde of monsters seem to attack you inside. Stupid Colics! It seems you are possessed.

You do not want anyone to speak to you, you are willing to kill someone slowly and painfully.

There are so many feelings that at the slightest provocation you cry.

You swell like a cat with obesity.

You have the desire to eat absolutely everything that crosses this path. It is impossible to stop!

You have to take out your special wardrobe for the heavier days. Pants and loose shirt!

When it is about to end your sighs and the sun comes out again in your life.

But days without her are not enough, and when you least expect it comes back to attack you again.

Video: Milo: Forbidden Conversation (February 2020).