10 Things you should never share

1.-Hats, caps or brushes.

They are a breeding ground for dandruff, lice and contagious diseases.

2.- Deodorant.

Sharing a non-spray deodorant puts you at risk of also sharing germs, bacteria and fungi that live in the armpits.

3.- Nail clippers, nail file or pumice stone.

The three utensils can transport germs and bacteria from one person to another.

4.- Makeup.

The mask of eyelashes and the lipstick keep bacteria that can cause infections. From a stye to a cold sore. The risk is high.

5.- Shavers.

No need to say much here. A razor has remnants of skin cells from the person who uses it, and with it, all the bacteria that there may be. Also, if the person is cut off, they will have blood samples increasing the risk of disease transmission.

6.- Drinks.

Sharing the water bottle or your cup of coffee is not the best of habits. The germs of influenza, herpes, mononucleosis and even meningitis are transmitted by saliva. Do not take chances.

7.- Toothbrush.

Never, under any circumstances, share it. Not even with your partner. Even less if you have flossed, because there could be blood in your brush.

8.- Earrings.

Inserting an earring into your ear can cause small lesions on the skin, which can cause infections. Most women do not disinfect earrings before or after using them. So better avoid sharing them and if you share them, disinfect them before using them.

9.- Hearing aids.

The use of hearing aids increases the accumulation of bacteria inside the ear. Using a third-party hearing aid also means "using" someone else's bacteria. If you are sharing hearing aids, wash them before use.

10.- The bar of soap.

If you have to share soap, it is better to use liquid soap. The soap bar accumulates bacteria and usually does not dry enough for the bacteria to die. In the lower part of the soap, bacteria and even fungi accumulate.

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