10 Attitudes that can most DESPERATE us from MEN

Not only do we have attitudes that desperate children, they can also easily get us out of our boxes.

1. Wanting us to spend our Sunday watching football.

Doing it from time to time is not bad to please our boy, but wanting that every Sunday is like this, can cause tremendous fight.

2. Be expressive zero when answering messages.

You take 10 minutes to write a message to say hello or to wish you a good day and they only respond "OK" or "=". That is extremely annoying.

3. Neglecting your attire.

It's very nice to see your boy fixed, besides they always ask for that from you, the least they can do is to try to smell and look good for you.

4. Live in disorder.

We do not ask them to be obsessive, but to have an arrangement and avoid making a mess by touching something would be great.

5. Tickle, chop ribs, etc.

We like the tickle and rib pickets, but only if they are delicate and seductive, it can be very annoying and painful to abuse this.

6. Fall asleep after having sex.

It would be nice if they tried a bit of talk before emitting the first snore, only the bare minimum. They would hold us in the palm of their hand.

7. Record episodes of amnesia.

Sometimes I think it's not a lack of memory but comfort and laziness. Comfort because some get used to having one remember everything for them, and laziness because it's easy to hide behind the "apology, I forgot we had a party tonight".

8. Be charming after having made us angry.

First they make us angry, cry and scream, and instead of apologizing or talking things out, they think flowers arrange everything.

9. Show bullying or seek lawsuits.

Every time a boy looks at us in the street or comes to talk with us is an excuse to fight, learn other methods to let the competition know that we are his.

10. Do not have patience.

We only require a small dose of patience for the most insignificant things in life.