10 things that men HATE of women

We are not gold coin to please everyone, let's accept it girls, sometimes we are unbearable and the boys have no choice but to flee because of our crazy actions. So if you do not want them to move away like you're contagious, try to avoid these things when you're with them.

Be puritan

We hate that they do not accept their past, we have all had other people in our lives. Accept it, do not be puritan, that's lying, we will not be offended.

To criticize.

It takes us out of the wave to criticize how many women they see, better talk about something.

To be paranoid

Trust please! You can not live like this, if you're not comfortable or do not trust, get out of the relationship, do not make a life of squares.


You are beautiful, we are with you for something. Stop throwing yourself to the ground so that we raise them with compliments all day, we love a woman sure of herself.

Ask trick questions.

Speak directly, then why there are confusions.

Harass him.

We need privacy, it is not necessary to be spied on, it is very tired.

Crying for everything.

Do not use crying as a weapon to win a discussion, talk, be mature enough to face life.

Go crazy with purchases.

It does not bother us that they go shopping, but that it is not an obsession, besides we hate to wait in stores.

Speak without papar.

We also have things to say, it's called conversation, if you want to do monologues, do it with the mirror.

Use sex as an aroma

If they think that they control us that way, they may be right, but sooner or later we will discover it and flee.

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