Lies that we have told ourselves all our lives

Women lie more to ourselves than what a man can do. Why? Because it is difficult to accept reality and better cover it with pretexts and lies.

Surely he lost my number.

If a boy does not call you after a night, do not cheat, he did not lose your number, he just got what he wanted and he will not score. But do not take it dramatically, enjoy the experience and get ready for the one that follows.

All men are the same.

No dear, rather you always choose slobber boys. Change your stereotypes, go out with someone different, stop choosing the same pattern.

Sex will make our relationship stronger.

If your relationship is collapsing, sex will not improve it, if you are pressured, dismiss it immediately.

He did it without wanting to.

If he insults you, hits you or tricks you, it is not unintentional! Also let me tell you that he will continue to do so, do not pity him, better put on your pants and leave him.

I would like, but I can not.

Do not minimize yourself, anything you want to do can be done, it's a matter of what you believe and put to work.

I do not have any will power.

You want to lose weight but you justify yourself before others saying: "I have no will power!" Let me tell you that you do, but laziness and laziness dominate you. Get active!

I deserve this appetite.

If you already decided to put the batteries and leave behind the cigarette or junk food, do not go back to that bad habits telling you that you deserve a craving. What you deserve is to continue on the healthy path, that you deserve.

Now, tomorrow, I start the diet.

We always say: "now on Monday" and that day never comes. Do not stretch things by lying to yourself that you will do them, that will only make you feel worse.

I need it.

We always see a garment or shoes and we swear that we need them, but they end up being thrown away for life. Make your priorities clear and do not get carried away by impulses.

I can eat what I want, I'm exercising.

Not so, exercise is a way to improve your health, but eating is even more important.

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