10 Things that men look at women

Many believe that men only look at the physical, however it is not so, they also pay attention to other important aspects.

1. Attitude.

Attitude is something basic that we should consider. Men like happy, fun, smiling women who have a good sense of humor. The attitude of a girl should be positive, this will make you more striking and will facilitate the way you relate to others.

2. Way of walking.

Men are very fixed on the body of a woman, and this goes hand in hand with the way we walk. A big mistake is to use huge platforms that make us look like we were deer just born. Do not try to walk like a super model, just do it naturally.

3. What you carry in your bag.

Men are fixed on everything but we do not believe it, it is common that the cell phone goes to the bottom of your bag and you start to take out all your beauty items, keys, wallet, charger, a thousand things that women carry. Be careful! A man relates the mess in your bag to your personality. It is advisable to carry only what is essential in the bag.

4. Heeled shoes.

They are fascinated that women wear sexy heels, that make them see a shape turned and obviously walk beautiful.

5. Smile.

A smiling woman is a woman who reflects happiness, and what better to be with a girl like that. Always have a nice smile, take care of your teeth and breath, many men, like women, look very much at this point.

6. Way to dance.

While you are very hilarious on the disc dancing with your friends, you do not realize that there are a lot of male looks watching your movements to the beat of the music. A woman who moves well on the dance floor is very sexy for men.

7. Lips

There is no doubt that the lips are the trait that men most look at a woman, especially if it seems attractive and make them want to kiss her. Make sure you have soft lips and no cracks. Always wear a gloss or a red hair and moisturize your lips when you have the chance, preferably it is one of those that do not leave spots when kissing.

8. Friends

Men pay attention to the way you are with your friends. It is common for men to think that you can be similar to them. As the classic saying goes: "Tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are".

9. Posture

Walk upright and sit upright, a woman who is badly seated is frowned upon. Avoid sitting on desks, tables or climb feet to the chairs.

10. Hair.

Actually the first thing they see is the face, but hair is also important. It is a beauty weapon that we must keep clean, soft and shiny. It is very nice for a man that a woman's hair has a pleasant smell.

Take note of all the previous points, you will immediately notice the way in which men look at you and take you into account.

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