12 Unexpected uses of Coca-Cola How can we not love it?

Coca-Cola not only serves to take it cold and refresh, it also works for different things.

1. Instead of applying a sunscreen, you can use Coca-Cola.

You will get a golden color after 15 minutes in the sun. It's worth trying.

2. Wash clothes.

There are stains on clothes that are not easily removed, and detergents remove stains are not very cheap. So for this problem you can mix some coca with conventional detergent, and then wash the garment normally. With this method you will also be able to remove blood stains.

3. Remove the plaque from the toilet.

It is a very effective method to remove tartar from the toilet. You must place a sponge wrapped in a plastic bag in the hole of the toilet, covering the duct where the water goes. Empty 3 liters of Coca-Cola and let it sit overnight. The next day you will notice the difference, since all the spots will disappear impressively.

4. Wash windows with Coca Cola.

In addition to removing rust, it is very effective in window cleaning. It is particularly useful for the purification of automotive glasses. After cleaning a glass with Coca Cola, only clean the glass with a damp cloth to remove excess sugar.

5. Remove the oxide.

It is a liquid that removes or cleans rust. If you have a rusty item in your home you can leave it soaking overnight in a container. The next morning will look great, you will be surprised.

6. Prepare delicious meals with Coca Cola.

Many people use this drink as a "secret" ingredient in the preparation of various dishes. You can mix it with your favorite sauce (half and half) leaving it to marinate. For example when preparing a chicken, the sugar contained in Coca Cola gives it a bright finish and a caramel flavor, since citric acid gives a good flavor.

7. Eliminates odors.

If you feel that there are unpleasant odors in your house, you can add a little detergent and a little Coca-Cola to a bucket of water, you will see how easy it is to smell.

8. It serves as an anesthetic.

It is unlikely that you have analgesics when a sting occurs, but if you pour a little Cola Cola you will feel relief.

9. Clean pots and pans with Coca Cola.

Sometimes in the bottom of the pans a black ribbon is formed, and this is quite difficult to remove. But if you let your pan soak for half a day in Coca-Cola, it will be as good as new.

10. Remove snails from the garden.

Pour Coca Cola into a shallow bowl, and place it in the garden or in the area where the problem is. In less than a day you will notice that there are no more insects in that place.

11. Anti diarrheic.

Oddly enough, it is useful in many disorders. The most common use of it is to soothe stomach upset, just by taking a can of Coca Cola nausea disappear. It is also good for those who suffer from diarrhea, in this case it is recommended to add a few drops of lemon.

12. Make a bang.

Because if you need to use it for nothing else, the best option is to do the famous experiment of introducing mentos, shake very little (without a lid) and see how you provoke a burst of refreshment to your friends.

If you know any other tip please share it.

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