7 Ways in which women support machismo without realizing it

Machismo is not only exercised by men, women are responsible in large part for this behavior that must be eradicated. If you do not believe us, this will open your eyes, because they are 7 attitudes that you as a woman have taken and are 100% macho.

1. "I can not live without him!" That is, without him you are nobody?

2. Call other women Put% $ s just for your way of dressing. That envy does not corrode us, it better motivates us.

3. To say that women were born to be mothers and to think that whoever does not want to be is crazy.

4. Do not value the achievements of other women and devalue them by saying "Sure you slept with the Boss".

5. If a woman wears more masculine clothes, label her as a lesbian.

6. Insulting women who live their sexuality freely.

7. Think that women should not say rude things.

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