46 Things you should NEVER do when you are BORRACHA.

From experience I have to tell you never to do this when you drink at a bar or with friends.

1. Do not drive (seriously).

2. Do not throw away your drink, but shout, "bad drink, bad drink!"

3. It is not a good idea to sing "background, background, background!" And even worse if it is you who are being sung.

4. Do not be intense, no one needs to listen to your tragedies at a party, you know, talk about your boyfriend being an HDP or that he is surely with another old woman.

5. Do not talk to your ex-boyfriends at dawn, the next day you will regret it.

6. Do not let them take you videos.

7. Do not mix drinks.

8. Do not vomit a friend's car, it will hate you forever. xD

9. Do not get on the tables to dance, I have seen how they fall and give tremendous blows.

10. Do not write on Facebook or Twitter things that can be embarrassing and which you will regret the next day.

11. Do not take off your shoes because you will surely lose them.

12. Do not cry inconsolably, it's too show.

13. Do not get intense with the music saying "Oh no, I do not like that", "Oh no, that's not it either".

14. Do not argue drunk with policemen, if you do they will steal more than what you bring in your wallet, they never lose

15. If you fight with someone do not say "What do not you know who I am?"

16. Do not meet in the middle of the bar.

17. Be careful if you wear a skirt, many of them sometimes end up with it in half a pomp.

18. Do not consume any drugs, it is very common to be offered when you are drinking, but it could be deadly. Many have died because of the mixture.

19. Always carry a condom, you never know.

20. Do not go to a bar, party, dive with strangers, you never know what might happen.

21. If the guy who will return you home is even more drunk than you, forget it, better ask for a safe taxi.

22. Do not steal the glasses of strangers. xD

23. If there is no alcohol, do not look for a glass that you still have.

24. Do not be angry with your friends when they say: "Do not drink, you're getting very stupid! If they tell you, it's because you're really like a slug cow. I have seen my friends fight and be angry with me for preventing them from taking, they look pathetic. Hahaha

25. If you do not dance well, much less you will drunk. Even if you feel like Michael Jackson, you're actually making a fool of yourself.

26. Do not pass criticizing the friend's girlfriend, or saying "Oh, why do I invite her?": S

27. For what you want most, do not shout the songs. We all reach to listen perfectly, since drunk you will not sing anything well.

28. Do not feel the center of attraction or the prettiest girl in the party, you will fall badly and you may not really be like that, be yourself. :)

29. Do not spank, kiss, or smile at unknown types. xD

30. Do not say "yes" to anyone.

31. Do not warn heads or give ideas to your friends, as the typical: "If wey, call him and tell him that a flea thinks more than him".

32. Do not take and answer mails, much less that email that once left you with a feeling of anger.

33. Do not repeat things 15 times, maybe you think that they do not understand you or that it is very important for others, but once is fine. Hahaha

34. Do not fight or criticize your boy.

35. Classic that you go to the mirror and you say to yourself: "Pff, I'm so drunk" and you still feel super pretty.

36. Do not pretend that you are not drunk, everyone knows that you are. : D

37. Do not say "I invite the next round!" Your pocket will be the one that hates you the most at that moment.

38. Drinking more than all and saying "Well, I can take a lot of drinking" does not make you exactly pleasant and popular.

39. If you have to cross an avenue, think about the following: cars.

40. Do not make friends with the minisuper who thinks that he will give you something.

41. Do not wear clothes of the other sex.

42. Do not swear or promise anything.

43. Do not tell your intimacies, much less if you slept with someone.

44. Do not think that everyone is as drunk as you are, I think we have all done it. Hahaha

45. Do not kiss with the waiters no matter how handsome they are, super fail.

46. ​​Do not be a bad drink, the joke is to enjoy with friends and not be a nuisance to someone.