20 Things a dad should do with his daughters

Michael is a dad in his mid-thirties, who with his blog "Life to her years", seeks to give more life to the years of his daughter.

The blog is about how he treats his daughter and gives her life, wisdom and love so that she becomes a great woman.

1. Love your mom.

Treat her with respect, honor and show her all the love you have when you are alone and in public. Most likely, your daughter will grow up and look for a man to treat her as you treat her mother, for better or for worse.

2. You must be there for her.

Unforgettable moments will never happen if you do not spend a lot of time. Develop a genuine interest in the things she enjoys. She needs you to be involved in every step of her life, not that you stand with your arms crossed as she grows.

3. Enjoy every moment with her.

Life happens extremely fast, and before you know it, your daughter will no longer be crawling in diapers around the house, but will be learning to drive, and one day you will be accompanying her through the altar. In a few more years, spending time with her father will not be the best thing in the world for her. Enjoy it while you can!

4. Teach him how to throw and catch a ball.

Play soccer with her. Show him that pulling as a girl can be good.

5. Bañala.

Enjoy this incredible experience with her.

6. The day will come when I ask for a puppy.

Do not think about it much, at least once in your life, say yes.

7. Dance with her.

Start doing it when you're little, or even when you're a baby. Do not wait until the day of your wedding.

8. Tell her she is beautiful.

Tell him again and again. Someday a movie or magazine will try to convince you otherwise.

9. Teach you to change a tire.

A puncture does not have to cause panic. When it happens for the first time he will call you crying, but he will know what to do.

10. He is as smart as any child.

Make sure you know and understand it.

11. If you take swimming lessons, make sure to swim with her.

If there are no other parents in the pool, it will be your loss.

12. Never miss his birthday.

In ten years you will not remember what gift you gave him, but he will remember that you were not there.

13. Let her sleep with you.

After a nightmare you will want to sleep in your bed, this is good.

14. Take her by the hand.

For a little girl who cries, the most comforting thing is to take her father's hand. Never forget.

15. Give her experiences.

Do not buy too many gifts on his birthday or Christmas, better give him experiences. Spend time in nature or take her fishing. Marvel in the same way that she marvels with each new experience.

16. Let him know that he can always go home.

No matter what happens.

17. Enjoy it while I'm with you.

Remember that she is like a butterfly, one day she will spread her wings and fly. Enjoy your caterpillar years.

18. Write a letter to her on each of her birthdays.

Give them when you start studying the race, when she becomes a mother, or when you think she needs you most.

19. Learn to trust her.

Give him more freedom every year, you will see that he will be able to fulfill your expectations.

20. Let her love.

Soon the day will come when she will fall in love, and there is no way you can prepare for it. If you accept this, everything will be easier.

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