26 Reasons why my dad is my HERO

Today I want to tell my dad why it is simply the best thing that could have happened to me in my life. I love you!

1. Because when you see the pictures of when you were 2 days old, you had the face of being the happiest dad in the world.

2. Because I remember that day when you taught me to ride a bicycle and you had the patience to take care that I did not fall.

3. Because I remember completely how you let me paint your nails and you just laughed without getting mad.

4. Because you always told me that no matter what I liked, you would always support me.

5. Because although all my friends said that you have a face of few friends and angry, inside you are a cute teddy bear.

6. Because the day of my graduation you were there and I know that you were completely proud of me.

7. Because you taught me how to swim.

8. Because that day I had a problem you just hugged me, you told me that everything would be fine, and you did not mind that I would fill your clothes with tears. Thanks for comforting me.

9. Because although many do not understand your fashion sense, for me you always saw amazing.

10. Because when you bathed me you talked to me about stories and you tried that the shampoo did not fall on my eyes so that they would not burn me.

11. Because you told me that it did not matter what I wanted to be great, as long as it was the best.

12. Because you taught me to be independent.

13. Because when I was still little, you could have given your life for me without thinking twice.

14. Because you never said "I'm busy, go play."

15. For carrying me on your shoulders and showing me that I could reach as high as I would like.

16. Because even though Mom has not been with us for a long time, she would have been very proud of you.

17. For that time it was my birthday and you did not mind leaving work and having your day discounted, as long as you go to school for me and then take me to McDonalds for lunch.

18. Because I know that the day I get married, it may be the most difficult day of your life, but you'll still be happy for me.

19. Because we saw all Disney movies like 300,000 times together.

20. For those times you had to go on a trip, but you were always aware of me. I missed you a lot.

21. Because you woke up an hour earlier when I went to school to comb my hair, make breakfast, and go calmly to get to class on time. Thank you for giving me the advice to never be an unpunctual person.

22. Because although I asked you hundreds of questions, you knew how to answer them all. Even if you did not have an idea of ​​what you were talking about, you never said "Shut up". I think it's your fault that now I talk too much.

23. Because I loved seeing when you shaved and took your foam and put it all over my face to copy you.

24. Because although there were times that you arrived late from work, you always gave me time to play, to tell you about my day, or to read a story.

25. Because the weekends were ours, and you already knew that my favorite game was to be a stylist. Thanks for never having a problem with that.

26. Because we have the same mole that makes me feel calm, because I know that the day you are no longer with me, will make me have you close in the most difficult moments.

To my dad, with all my love. Thank you for being my hero, for giving me the confidence in myself and letting me know that I can get as far as I want.

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