9 Reasons why he did not ask you to leave again. The pure truth!

You can not deny that on many occasions we blame men for being perfect imbeciles when it comes to having an appointment, but friend, I regret to say that we are not always to blame, sometimes you are the only ones that cause us not to want to return Let's see.

Then I will tell you some horrible things that they usually do.

1. You were more aware of your cell phone.

We know that it is normal that sometimes a friend sends them whatsapp or that their parents call them, but to be checking your facebook every 2 minutes is not pleasant at all. Show interest in your appointment!

2. You felt in a political or religious debate.

Lately we all believe that we know everything about politics and we have our own thoughts about religion. But as they say,Live and let live. Many of you try to impress us and believe that we see you as intellectuals, but that is not the case. Please, no policy issues on the first date, mainly because they take a lot of time, also if we talk about those things we will not have time to get to know each other.

3. You spoke like a parrot.

I mean, possibly you did not shut up all night and this made your boy see that you're not very good at listening. If you are looking for something more serious, he will not take you into account. I do not think anyone is willing to support you like that.

4. Your ex was the great protagonist of the appointment.

If you decided to go out with a boy, it is because your heart is completely free and cleansed of any memory of some former love. If it occurred to you to say "one day it was with my ex to ..." rest assured that it was for this reason that you never heard from him again.

5. Everything gave you the same and you did not give your opinion at all.

For example, if you went to the cinema or to a restaurant and when you were questioned about which movie you wanted to see or what you wanted to eat, you just answered "I do not care", for sure, it was for this reason that he never invited you out again. Men like safer women and opinions.

6. You drank and had to put up with it.

For some guys it is a good idea to take you to a party of your friends as a first date, but if you were there like crazy goat you were drunk, that was the reason why he does not want to see you again.

7. If you were very presumptuous.

Believe it or not, men who are worth it do not surprise us if you have a lot of money, the only thing that matters is their sense of humor, their goals and goals in life.

8. You were more make-up than a clown.

Especially on the first date you must be yourself, if you carry kilos of dust he will not know what to expect if one day they sleep together and upon awakening he realizes that you are completely different without makeup. You need to be more sure of yourself and show yourself as you are.

9. You smoked

This is probably more personal, but I can say that we kids do not like you to start smoking when we do not. I am not one to judge, but in my case I do not go out with a girl who does it again. I can not stand the smell of cigarettes, let alone his hair impregnated with the same smell.

Well, these were just some reasons why he did not call you back. If you want to take them as advice, go ahead.

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