10 steps to follow to drastically change your LOOK

Sometimes it is boring to have the same look and style for a long time, but we are afraid to change radically or do not know how to do it.

Today we give you 10 options to do it in a drastic way, you can choose only one, two, five or all, it is optional. I'm sure you will not be the same as before. Dare yourself!

Cut your hair or add extensions.

If you have it long, cut it a lot, if you have it short, fill it with extensions.

Brush your hair

Paint it in a bold color, it can be blond, red, or some pastel color.

Try another style.

If you are half a strawberry try something more rock, if you are a rocker bet on something hipster, and so on.

Renew your wardrobe.

Get rid of old clothes, get some clothes that you never thought to use.

Change your makeup

Do not put on makeup in the usual way, if you use a lot then it diminishes to something more natural and if you are one of those who are always super natural, increase the dose.

Contact lenses.

Greens, blues, grays or figures, the joke is to dare.


You do not have to go to the beach or a tanning bed, they sell creams that give you an instant tan.


Find what your usual gestures are and change them.


This is very drastic, but if you already have it in mind do not wait any longer.


You only live once, if you do not do it when you are young, then it will be too late.

Video: Simple Things You Can Do To Look Better. Enhance Your Look (February 2020).