27 Things that we can only see in the subway of Mexico City

All the people who live in the chaotic Mexico City and unfortunately have to go through the tunnels and subway cars every day, we can say that we have seen absolutely everything. From guys urinating in the corridors, to guys with strange looks.

We wanted to make a compilation of photos that people have been able to capture, and well, I do not know whether to laugh or cry, but what's more, in the end it's part of our folklore and sparkle.

1. Never miss the Nazi lost in the city looking to transfer to Nativitas station.

2. They are so hardworking and so cool on the subway, that for them the day does not end at 24 hrs. They decided to do it for 34 hrs.

3. Our super heroes are in poor physical condition, possibly because of that there is so much corruption and assaults.

4. Jack Sparrow broke his black pearl. No way, to travel as a mere mortal.

5. Shakira, are you?

6. As a child I was told that it could be what I wanted, I wanted to be a Tomato.

7. Sometimes the subway can also be turned into a heavy rock concert.

8. Stop seeing me like a hatter.

9. Today I will use heeled shoes with a sock, I have decided it.

10. We can even find Avatar characters.

11. Pray that FABOR's psss, right? because then it smells re-hooked.

12. Those policemen are some crazy, they are linking while 200 women are groped in the wagons.

13. We can also see sincere declarations of love.

14. And why not? The woman with the Guinness Record of the longest hair in the world.

15. So famous and effective is our subway that we can find Jesse Pinkman and Walter White of Breaking Bad in their wagons.

16. To the devil the security, today I am going away of pure pari.

17. We also like to keep track of the tradition of playing tetris on this device made about 200 years ago.

18. Amy Winehouse has not died, here's the proof.

19. Fashion is very important in this place.

20. If you want to know what Hell is like, you can go at 8 pm to the Pantitlán metro.

21. Cutting-edge technology to make your transfer more exciting and ecological, waterfalls in the Chabacano metro.

22. We women always worry about looking beautiful, if you do not believe me, look at this picture.

23. Why go to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, if in the different tunnels we can find PSY and Robin together willing to take a picture with you.

24. The bad thing is that in Mexico the economic situation is so difficult, that even the Saints have to use metro. If you do not believe me, ask San Judas Tadeo.

25. We also steal the scenes of love that some people star, for posters of Hollywood movies.

26. To feel that you are in the sea and that your day improves a little bit, fill the floors with 5 cm of water to be able to cool off after a heavy day. See the gentleman in blue thinking that he can actually do something with his water squeegee.

27. I will love you until the transfer separates us.

We know that we are not perfect, but if you are a person who wants to come to visit our country, believe us that there are people with a very good heart that we are sure will attend you as royalty. This was not to scare you, but to make you see a part of Mexico that you might not have known.

Video: How I Feel About the Mexico City Metro after being robbed (February 2020).