10 secrets that your boy will never confess

Maybe you think that your boy is the most sincere of all men and that he does not hide anything from you, however there are things that we hide from our girl ... and you do not even know.

1. We erase our browser history almost daily.

And we use the option of "incognito" in our explorers so that they do not know where we were navigating (you can imagine why).

2. Sometimes we just want to be alone.

As much as we love them and like them, we also need time to be alone, play video games, listen to music or sleep without having to have the pressure that you will need something.

3. Once a month we do not like them.

I have to accept that many times we are desperate, because although we try to be nice and kind to you, they get angry for anything. Sometimes we even feel that they take those days as a pretext to retaliate with us for all their personal problems.

4. Your friends do not like us.

The reason is easy. We also like them badly and it's usually because some of their little group of friends is in love with you. They always speak ill of us and make us faces ... I even get angry thinking about it (haha).

5. We talk about who is the most beautiful of her friends.

And with whom we would like to leave if one day we will finish with you.

6. We secretly stalk our ex from time to time.

That does not mean we want to go back with them, it's just to snoop on who you're with. But hey, do not complain about that, you do it too (do not do it).

7. Social Networks.

I regret to tell you that many men (with a partner) have another Facebook account in order to meet more girls, and you are not even aware.

8. Parties in secret.

Has your boyfriend told you that he is tired and will sleep in his house? ... Ha! Do not believe him. Many of us have said this lie and in reality we are in a party full of people we do not know feeling a little bad for having lied to you.

9. We ask God not to have family reunions.

Being very sincere, most men abhor the fact that they tell us "Saturday is my aunt's birthday", much more if we do not get along very well or do not know the whole family that will go. The reasons? We have to get up early, go for you, then go to the aunt's house, buy something so as not to arrive empty-handed and once there, pretend that we all like each other.

10. We hate that they think we have a magic elf that gives us money.

It does not apply to everyone, but I really do not understand why some believe that we have a magical source from which money springs and that is why we can and should spend a lot of money every time we go out together. Do not be like that.

I hope you liked my sincerity, and remember ... Even if your boy denies it, this is true.

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