16 Things that make you see that you are no longer a girl and you became a woman

Hello, I am 25 years old and I think I am in a stage of many changes of attitude toward life, which began to happen recently. I started to analyze and apparently I think I'm maturing. This is an incredible stage of life that shows you the true and strong woman you can become.

I would love to share my thoughts with you, as you are probably going through the same thing. I do not know if they are younger or bigger than me, we are all different and everyone comes to this stage at a different age.

I hope you enjoy it and share.

1. You begin to realize that the theme of "being independent" and "your freedom" is the most precious thing you can have.

2. You start to stop asking for opinions, if you want to paint your hair, tattoo or pierce, you just do it.

3. You start saving most of your money to travel, buy a car or something else.

4. You will live alone. It is a really difficult step and it is very scary, but after the first week you feel totally sure of yourself for what you achieved.

5. You sit in your bedroom and begin to see pictures of when you were little.

6. The teddy bear you've had all your life now looks old and mistreated.

7. You begin to feel that the more years you complete, the faster time passes. Nothing is like when you were 13 and you felt that to fulfill 25 would take an eternity, now it is the other way around.

8. You like to make meetings with your friends where you do not have to get drunk, you even like to cook and talk like adults.

9. You adventure in making your first trip alone.

10. You try to take much more care of your appearance. You care to look good and feel amazing with yourself.

11. They begin to make you want to spend more time with those people you stopped seeing a long time ago, like your grandparents, cousins ​​or friends of the past.

12. When you watch a Disney movie you remember your childhood and you think that when you have a child you would like to see them with him or her.

13. Finally you begin to learn from your mistakes, you realize that you can not keep hurting.

14. You begin to realize that you do not always have to win an argument, you understand that sometimes people will not be able to understand you and there is no problem with that, you will just remain yourself.

15. Lying no longer goes with you, you have realized that what starts badly ends badly.

16. You realize that you are already a woman when one of your best friends has been married. Now you start to like the idea of ​​marrying the person you truly love.

17. You realize that the saying "What does not kill you, makes you stronger" is true.

18. You start to worry more about your health, even sometimes you are paranoid of any pain you have, you think it is a deadly disease and it goes through your mind "Will it just happen to me?"

19. You realize who is and who is not your friend.

20. You have finally learned that time heals everything. Give time to time is essential to refocus and move forward.

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